At VOGEL-BAUER, all strip products can be laminated with self-adhesive plastic films on request... both on one and on both sides! Various technical foils are available for optimized surface protection, optimally matched to the subsequent processing (folding, profiling, bending, deep drawing, etc.) and the individual use of all flat products supplied by us.
Because not all foils are the same!
We offer a variety of single- and double-sided adhesive functional films.
In cooperation with the application engineers of the film manufacturers, we advise our customers and carry out test deliveries on request.
Do not hesitate to ask us for this individual and in many cases valuable service. Especially as the development of films continues to progress with regard to the increasingly required properties (easy peelability, suitability for various laser processes, UV resistance, etc.).

As a particular "specialty of the house", we also partially coat slit strips and blanks across their width.
In the case of profiles made of stainless steel strip, for example, this has the advantage that the protective film can be removed much more easily after installation.
In addition, this measure enables the edge processing of foil-coated strips with chip removal (deburring, chamfering, rounding off by chipremoval and planing).
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