For this pre-processing we take slit strips already adjusted to the correct final width onto the decoilers of our three cut-to-length lines.
If there are any unevennesses in the strip steel, these can be effectively eliminated with our "Six-High" high-performance straightening machines.
Immediately after the straightening process, a final inspection of the strip surfaces is carried out before they are effectively protected with either self-adhesive protective films or a paper interlayer.

Using modern inkjet printers, the flat products can be labeled in almost any way.
On the cut-to-length shears, which are operated in the "Stop & Go" process, blanks are produced with precise cutting and exact squareness while maintaining the tightest shape and length tolerances.

Edge-straight and gentle stacking of the formats can be performed manually as well as by means of a fully automated vacuum belt stacking system.
Finally, circular blanks can also be cut from square-straightened blanks on a circular shear.

We generally manufacture according to the valid DIN EN ISO 9445-2 (limit dimensions and form tolerances - cold wide strip and sheet metal).
Tighter tolerances as well as special specifications (e.g. cutting burr alignment) can of course be agreed upon.
Please contact our sales department about the possibilities of reusable packaging!
Blanks / PrecisionblanksDimensions (width x thickness x length)
QZ 2 min. 200 x 0,4 x 250 – 3.920 mm
  max. 600 x 1,0 x 250 – 3.920 mm
QZ 3 min. 170 x 0.3 x 200 mm
  max. 1,050 x 3.0 x 3,200 mm

Rods Dimensions (width x thickness x length)
QZ 1 min. 10 x 0.6 x 30 mm
  max. 170 x 3.0 x 10,000 mm

Circular blanks max. diameter 1,250 mm
min. Dimensions (diameter x thickness)
  Ø 125 x 1.5 mm
  Ø 180 x 2.0 mm
  Ø 250 x 2.5 mm
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