1.386 Tonnen CO2e
0.06 tons Co2e
Per ton of stainless steel
As a family-run company, sustainability has always played a central role for us. Not only on an ecological level, but also on a social and economic level.
This is part of our understanding of responsible business, even beyond legal requirements: because the future of this earth and future generations is important to us.
This is why we have been supporting regional projects for years to help people and organizations in the surrounding area.
At the beginning of 2023, we decided to take the next step in our commitment and determine our greenhouse gas emissions from 2022 for Scope 1, Scope 2 and upstream Scope 3 emissions (excluding raw material procurement).
In Scope 1 , heat consumption, which accounts for the majority of emissions, should be mentioned in particular.
We have been sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable energies for years, which is why there are no emissions at all in Scope 2 .
The majority of emissions are therefore generated in Scope 3 .
In addition to determining greenhouse gas emissions, reducing them is particularly important. VOGEL-BAUER has therefore already taken important measures in the past to reduce emissions and has also set itself targets for the future.
                      - Purchase of green electricity and climate-neutral natural gas
                      - Installation of a 633 kWp photovoltaic system
                      - Switch to hybrid/electric company cars
                      - and much more.
                      - Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 5% annually by 2030
                      - Modernization of production facilities to save energy and scrap
                      - Participation in the Ökoprofit project of the local economy

As it is not possible for us to completely reduce all emissions despite our best efforts, 1,267 tons of greenhouse gas emissions that have not yet been offset were compensated for by retiring 1,267 climate protection certificates. . kompensiert.
When selecting the projects, particular attention was paid to the high quality of the seal
of approval (Gold Standard / VCS).
Supported projects:
- Rwanda well project (Gold Standard)
- Cooking stove Nepal (Gold Standard)
- Wind energy Argentina (VCS)
Further details and information can be found here:
Carbon footprint
Certificate of climate neutrality
If you have any questions about sustainability and environmental protection at VOGEL-BAUER, please get in touch with the following contact person:

Mats Mathiasen

Head of

*VOGEL-BAUER has been climate-neutral since 2022 by offsetting with climate protection certificates.
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